About eBooks

DC BABY is now offered, in its entirety, as an eBook—in this case a PDF file. All you need to read the eBook is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free right here. Please note that WebTV users cannot view this eBook or any other PDF. If you are purchasing this eBook at work, there is a small chance that your company firewall may block the download. Should you encounter any trouble, I will gladly e-mail the eBook directly to you. Just e-mail me at sarah -at- dc-baby.com.

Given that this eBook is an electronic file, it is easily transferred between you and your friends and family. All we ask is that you respect us and encourage others to buy their own copies. It is, after all, a 350-page book that took a lot of time and effort to write, and it's offered at a very reasonable price.

Thank you!
Sarah Masterson
Author, DC BABY: A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City

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