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July 28, 2009

Where will you turn? Here's where!

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This one's for all of you who have (very kindly) written to me about your dismay that the DCB blog will no longer be updated after my move to Austin (now less than 2 days away).

While it's genuinely gratifying to know that what I've spent the past four+ years working on has been useful and well-liked... and while I will miss you, too... I just want to let you know that there's no shortage of other web-based resources for parents in the DC metro area. Each has its own style. Browse around and find some that suit you. Here are some of our favorite online parenting resources with a local focus - several of which are also featured in my book:

The champion, gold-star resource. Can't say enough good things. Love the free website and love the weekly subscription e-newsletter even more. Worth EVERY penny, and then some. Local mom-owned and mom-staffed.

Daily Candy DC-Kids
Hip, concise, and stylishly select. We've always loved Daily Candy as a decadent treat, and the DC-Kids edition is no exception.

Washington Parent magazine's website
The online supplement to the local print magazine. Nice features and columns, and some calendar listings.

Washington Family magazine's website
The online supplement to the local print magazine. Access to features, etc. - but also some blogs penned by DC-area mamas.

Washington Post's Going Out Guide, Kid-Friendly section
Subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter, or just check out their web page when you're looking for coming events and ideas for seasonal outings.

Washington Post's KidsPost
Great for young school-age children.

A Parent in Silver Spring blog
Nice local blog penned by a Silver Spring, MD mom.

DC Urban Moms & Dads (DCUM)
The original big-ass Mother of All DC Parents' Listservs... but it now also has its own standalone site, topic-specific message boards, sub-listservs, and a blog.

DC Metro Moms
A blog penned by a talented, interesting gaggle of Beltway mamas.

GoCityKids - Washington, DC edition
A relative newcomer, but getting better all the time. The site has potential as a go-to resource.

Feel free to post info about your own favorite online resource for DC-area parents in the "comments." And I challenge and encourage any of you who are toying w/ the idea of starting your own blog, or establishing your own listserv, to fill the info gaps: You can do it! All it takes is one mama (or daddy) with a good idea, who is willing to follow through and be patient while it grows. If you start it, they will come. They really will.

Posted by Sarah at 9:45 AM.


Thank you thank you!! You have been great with us. I have been using your information everyday, the emails and even your book. It really helps alot to keep up with my two toddlers who love adventures! It is hard to believe that there are so many resources out there in Wash DC Metro area and it is challenge to keep it up but with your emails, it gives us some leads.
We will miss you terrible.

Have a great trip back home.


Thank you so much, Senda, for your very kind comments and all the well wishes. I will miss DC so much, and connecting with all of you online. All the best to you and yours!

I love your blog, sad you have moved! Great list of sites. I have a blog as well that lists kid friendly events and also allows parents to search for information on preschools, nannies, mommy and me classes and more. I hope your readers will check it out. www.MyDCKid.com

Thanks for all your work over the years! I've loved DC Baby. Best of luck on your new adventures!

Inspired by you and A Parent in Silver Spring, I recently started a blog with ideas for family-friendly activites in Prince George's County, Out by Ten. Please come check it out! www.outbyten.blogspot.com

:) Aimee

And another one: www.novafun.com
Free events for kids going on in Northern VA!

Don't forget about the Expectant Mother's Guide! GREAT new parent resource!