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July 29, 2009

Last love letter to Washington

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Washington, I miss you already!

Tomorrow morning I'll be on a plane to Texas with my children. Between now and then we have the dreaded, inevitably tearful goodbyes with our our dear friends, their son (our daughter's best pal and pseudo-sibling), and the beloved caregiver who has been part of our family for the past four+ years. Ava and I were already in tears this morning. It's that kind of day.

I hate goodbyes more than the average person, I think. Maybe it's because I'm a child of divorce, but they just kill me. But I need to formally, finally thank you all for reading this blog, for buying my books, for lending your tips and input over the years. I will miss this work, and I wish all the very best to you and your families. I appreciate the way you helped make DC BABY a success.

As for DC itself. This has been my second stint calling it home, and I still say this city is a knockout. It's like no other on earth. I'll miss the thrill of driving across the Memorial Bridge toward the white columns of the Lincoln, with the sun bouncing off the Potomac and the breeze blowing through my open windows. I'll miss Eastern Market on a Saturday morning, and cheering on the bagpipers on the streets of Old Town at Christmas. I'll miss riding the metro and showing off our museums to out-of-towners. I'll miss the politicos and their politics. I'll miss knowing Ben's Chili Bowl is 15 minutes away. I'll miss spring's big blooms and winter's whiteness, and the reds and oranges of fall. I will miss calling it "mine."

Take care of this fabulous city, and take care of each other.

Posted by Sarah at 4:39 PM.


Good luck to all of you! I'll miss you. We'll do our best to take care of D.C. Love, Tacy, Scott and Lee.

Thanks for your wonderful blog! We have never met, but I read your blog regularly and recommend it to all my mommy friends. You really did a great job with this. Good luck in Austin, everything I hear about that city is wonderful. Best to you and your family. Kristen Best

Sarah and Family - we'll miss you all here and we wish you the best of luck in Texas. Please keep in touch! - Amy

Thank you Sarah for being such a wonderful resource for me. You've been a lifeline as I've adjusted to motherhood. More than once you've saved the day with great ideas on how to entertain my little one. Good luck in Texas. I will miss DC-Baby.


I too left this wonderful city in February after spending 9 years in it and having my first child. Having all our family in Texas, we decided the move would be best for our children. I miss DC so much, I still enjoy reading your blog and getting your updates. It makes me feel like I am still a part of the city. All the things you mentioned in your note, are the same things I miss the most. I wish you the best in Texas and hope to hear about a new blog....


DC will miss you too, Sarah. I've so enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog. It is the one daily email that I open on a daily basis as your posts were always quality, clever and personal recommendations. Wishing you and your family the very best as you settle back to Austin. -Heather


I just recently left DC and I already longed for the great information that I could always count on from you. Your suggestions helped us to create many happy family memories - thank you. DC's loss is Austin's gain. All the best to you and your family.

Being originally from Chicago and having moved here from San Antonio (at the time without children), your book/blog came in handy when I had my first child and then last year my second. Thank you for your wonderful books, blog and everything else. Good luck back in Austin!

DC, local Parents, and the Businesses you supported will miss you and your blog terribly. Personally you kept me informed of all the wonderful events and companies in our area and you did so much to help promote my business. Take care, keep in touch, and I thank you again for everything!

Michele Spahr and the entire Safe Start Baby staff

This was a great blog to see what cool, hip things were going on in the city. I could always count on you to find something that sounded interesting for the kids. I hope to see a blog for Austin, as I love that town as well. It would be interesting to see what kid friendly outings they offer. Good luck and thanks for sharing interesting info and opening our world to new things. It was so clear that you sincerely love DC, it will leave you fond memories, I am sure.

Best of luck to you and your family. I've truly enjoyed your blog. I'm a native Texan and UT grad. Enjoy Texas, but I know you'll miss DC!


We have loved getting to know you and your fabulous book/blog! We so appreciate your wonderful support of our new business. Best of luck in Texas--keep in touch!

And if you ever want to launch another book, we'll be ready with balloons and party hats!

--Megan for Hooray for Books

You will be very missed.
It was always exciting to have a post from you in my email box. Thank you for all the tips, the funny comments, the announcements. You did a fantastic job and made my life as a new mom and step-mom much easier.
Take good care of yourself and your family.
Never two without three, they say...you might be back!

You will be sorely missed Sarah! It was so great to meet you. I know I am not alone when I say thank you for sharing your kindness, creativity and adventurous spirit with DC! Best of luck to you and your family in your new adventure.

Good luck to you and your family. Your blog was a daily resource for me to see what was going on in the area. So much of our families' adventures were due to your blog. I am truly sad to see you go. I gave your book to every DC mother I knew as required reading. I hope it is still published and updated.

Thanks for running this great site. I've been a subscriber to your blog for many years and it's been a great help to me.

I don't know where to turn to now! We will miss you and the service you provided to us.

Good luck in TX.



May blessings continue to flow to you and yours. There is not enough room to provide the level of appreciation for the kindness, assistance, guidance you have provided over the years. Your books and blog were the ONLY reference for my family and ALL of my friends. You will be missed.

Best Wishes,

Tammy L. Davis
Rita's Water Ice, Columbia Heights

Missing you all - and D.C. - terribly! Can't thank you enough for all of the wonderfully kind comments, which make all the hard (and often unpaid) work feel entirely worthwhile. Love you all!

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so sweet that you loved your city so much :)