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February 4, 2009

Podcast: Amy Miller on Parents' Perspective radio show

Filed Under: Maryland | Northern Virginia | Washington, DC

The fabulous Amy Miller, local mama and owner of our favorite resource, Our Kids, was just on the national radio show Parents' Perspective, discussing outings and activities with and for kids of all ages. And she very kindly gave a shout-out to DC BABY as a resource for Washingtonians, as well as for tourists visiting DC! (We are very flattered.)

Amy also shared some of her favorite locally-owned and -operated websites and publications for finding activities in major cities across the country, including Boston, Chicago, NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco. And she gives some great tips on finding and enjoying age-appropriate fun, wherever you live - and how to find a healthy balance between scheduled fun vs. free play and unstructured downtime.

Lots of great insights you'll want to hear: Listen to the podcast here.

Posted by Sarah at 4:09 PM.