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January 6, 2009

Limited tix available to Children's Inaugural Ball

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The National Children's Museum and the Every Child Matters Education Fund are co-hosting a first-of-its-kind Children's Inaugural Ball on the afternoon of Sunday, January 18, with live music, arts and crafts, food, interactive exhibits, play areas, a storytime stage and exhibitors including Friends of the National Zoo, the National Air and Space Museum, the National Aquarium, National Geographic Kids, and others.

The Children's Inaugural Ball will be held at the Historical Society of Washington, DC (801 K st. at Mt. Vernon Square). Tickets are FREE, but available in very limited supply; first come, first served.

Posted by Sarah at 10:25 AM.


We are Washington DC residents. We have a 2 yr old boy. We would like 3 tickets to this exciting neighborhood event.

Thank you very much-

Best regards,
Kerri Beeker

I would like to attend this event but registration is full (would love 3 tickets but could do with 2, if needed!). If you have tickets and cannot make the event, please let me know! My email is taraoconn@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Yes, it appears that the event booked up yesterday. I figured that would happen - The tix were reportedly in "very limited supply," and there's a city full of folks wanting to find some way to celebrate this historic inauguration with their young children. It's too bad there aren't more opportunities like this, so that more can take part. If anyone knows of additional kid-friendly inaugural events, please do post to this message board, and/or send to me at: sarah(at)dc-baby(dot)com. I'll also soon be posting some impt. info that can help anyone who is considering taking a child to the inauguration or the parade to make an informed decision! I find it frustrating, though not surprising, that those of us who are locals, who live a stone's throw from this big moment in history, will have a tough-to-impossible time being part of it!

I really would like to go to the ball, but i dont have tickets so if anyone has tickets and does not need them or is not going to go, please please please let me know! I already have my dress and everything! :)