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October 17, 2008

Weekend Watch: Prime time for fall festivals

Filed Under: Maryland | Washington, DC

To celebrate the return of real fall weather this weekend, consider pulling that wool cardigan outta the closet and getting outdoors with the little ones, by visiting one of the festivals in the District or the 'burbs.

Our favorites are the Annual Pumpkin Festival at Butler's Orchard in Germantown and the Fall Festival at Cox Farms in Centreville. For first-timers and the youngest children, Butler's Orchard is a good bet (especially the hayloft barn, where toddlers delight in jumping in the stuff until you drag them away). The Butler's Orchard extravaganza is slightly smaller in scale and may be less crowded than Cox Farms (which does have our favorite, longer hayride for preschoolers and older kids, plus a bazzillion slides of all sizes and pony rides). But at either place, you're wise to arrive EARLY, when the gates open, for the easiest parking and most tolerable crowds. At both places you should expect to pay an entrance fee, plus additional costs for food, pumpkin purchases, etc.

Also, in DC on Saturday, the Kids Corner nonprofit, bilingual daycare center will host its Second Annual Fall Fair at Mitchell Park in Kalorama (23rd and S Sts. NW) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Food, games, music, dance, storytelling, and crafts from around the world, for all ages, with FREE admission (tix can be purchased for food and games). For more info, call 202.797.1555.

Posted by Sarah at 11:18 AM.