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April 16, 2008

Going online!: Info on DC-area childcare providers

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Whether you're part-time or full-time, there's nothing quite as important to working parents as the right childcare. According to a story in Monday's Washington Post, DC and Maryland will soon join Virginia in posting information online about childcare providers - which can make a huge difference in the ease of finding and checking the background history of daycares before choosing one.

True, making sure a provider is fully licensed and checking inspection records isn't (by far) the only research you need to do for peace of mind - but it's an important first piece of the accountability puzzle. Hurray for the District and Maryland making these records more accessible to local parents!

A few more good, general links about choosing childcare: from KidsHealth, the NNCC, Child Care Aware, and the AAFP. In the childcare/babysitters/preschool chapter of the DC BABY Second Edition e-book, you'll find more resources (including web-based) and local tips on this topic.

Posted by Sarah at 10:55 AM.