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July 10, 2007

Rejoice, Montgomery County -- Beware, Alexandria & DC

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A new article published in Forbes magazine is stirring up local buzz - and with good reason. If you, like my husband and me, have a child who will be ready to start kindergarten in a year or two - and are starting to think seriously about your longer-term residential and schooling options - this story is a must-read.

Forbes' piece ranking "Best & Worst Public Schools Districts for the Buck" features a scathing view of Alexandria public schools (which lame defensive comments from city officials can't even begin to redeem, once you look up the census data for yourself). Fact is, Alexandria City public schools rank dead last in the country at #97 - even worse than the notoriously troubled District of Columbia. What does it come down to? Those of us who live and pay taxes in Alexandria or the District are having our money very poorly managed. We're getting failing schools, high dropout rates, and unacceptable test scores to show for our high cost of living.

However, there's good news for those of you in Montgomery County, MD: Your public schools rank #5 in the nation, in terms of school success per tax dollars spent.

Loudon, VA ranks #11.
Fairfax, VA ranks #38.
Arlington, VA ranks #64.
District of Columbia ranks #95.

Read 'em and weep, if you must... and then make your plans accordingly.

Posted by Sarah at 10:01 AM.