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July 12, 2007

Moms of little ones prefer part-time work - But it don't come easy!

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A story in today's Washington Post looks at the results of a new study from the Pew Research Center, which finds that 60 percent of mothers - especially those with children under age six - prefer part-time employment to staying home full-time or working in a traditional full-time job (which often comes with little or no flexibility in terms of telecommuting or work days/hours).

As I've heard from so many of my girlfriends and DCB readers, finding part-time work that is relevant to your field, worthy of your experience, and pays a viable wage can be very, very difficult. That's even when you are willing to give up the benefits of a full-time staffer, such as health insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation time. Our society does not make work-life balance easy for moms (or dads) of young children - and this tug-of-war can be particularly stressful in an area like DC, where the cost of living is inflated.

From where I'm standing, our public policy currently doesn't do us a lot of favors in giving incentives and rewards to workplaces who offer parents flexibility. I think we can do much, much better by working parents and children in this country. This is one of the issues the grassroots network MomsRising.org is actively working on - and bless 'em for it!

Posted by Sarah at 8:38 AM.