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June 18, 2007

Special delivery: Second Edition E-Book on Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum is available for purchase

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After major-big updates and additions, the Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum chapter of the DC BABY book's Revised Second Edition is available for purchase as an e-book!

The 44-page e-book is easy to download and save as a PDF to your home/office computer, view on your desktop, and print selected sections or the whole chapter (if you wish). To purchase your copy, just click here.

Topics covered in this resource for expectant and new parents include:

* Support for fertility issues
* Ob/Gyns
* Midwives
* Cesarean awareness
* Local listservs for pregnancy
* Resources for high-risk/complicated pregnancies
* Birth doulas
* Childbirth educators
* Local birth circles & nonprofit programs
* Links to childbirth education programs
* Pregnancy massage
* Physical therapists & chiropractors specializing in pregnancy/postpartum
* Prenatal fitness
* Nutritionists specializing in pregnancy/postpartum
* Prenatal accupuncturists
* Maternity shopping
* Support for perinatal depression/anxiety
* Breastfeeding classes, support groups, & consultants
* Breast pump rentals & sales
* Breastfeeding hotlines & websites
* Postpartum doulas & baby nurses
* Babywearing
* Postpartum fitness
* Infant massage classes
* Support groups for new moms & babies
* "First Outings" for new moms & babies

Now, before you email to ask:

YES, the chapter heavily covers NoVa and the Maryland suburbs, in addition to the District of Columbia.

YES, there is tons of new content since the first edition of the book came out in 2005. This chapter more than any other in the book has undergone major revision and expansion - partly due to the major changes that have happened in the DC area over the past two years, and partly due to extra research on my part since writing the first manuscript in 2005.

YES, there are even more detailed comments/reviews from local moms in this edition!

NO, not a single service provider or business mentioned in this book paid for that honor. None of the content of the book is advertising. Recommendations are based on the personal experiences of local parents, as well as my own first-hand experience.

The full edition of the DCB e-book will be out later this summer, and the paperback edition will be available in fall or early winter 2007. Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for reading!

Purchase Now!

(Please note: Copyright on this publication will be strictly enforced. An enormous amount of work has gone into producing a second edition of this resource, and it is available for purchase at an affordable price. If you purchase an e-book, the downloaded file may not be shared, redistributed, forwarded, or reproduced in any way without the explicit written permission of the author. Please follow the Golden Rule. No file-sharing.)

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