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May 20, 2007

Tim Carmen dishes on eating out with DC kiddies

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Over the weekend, WAMU's "Metro Connection" aired a good story on dining out with young children in the DC area. The guest was Tim Carmen, food writer for the City Paper - who, in a cruel twist of irony, has no kids. However, he did his research, talking to local parents and visiting restaurants looking for the criteria they said were most important.

The focus of the piece was on non-chain restaurants where adults can get a decent (if not haute) meal in a relatively pleasant environment where children are welcomed, where there are high chairs/booster seats, and where there is either a kids' menu available or items on the menu that are kid-approved. Carmen's right on when he says, "You're not gonna go to Citronelle and bring the kids, because it IS this exclusive, expensive place where you can hear a pin drop...and where there are certain expectations."

In the end, he recommended some of the very same restaurants I highlighted in the first edition of my book. These are all keepers:

Two Amys, Cathedral area off Wisconsin Ave. in DC (with one caveat - Be prepared to wait 20-30 minutes for a table!)
Chef Geoff's, AU Park neighborhood, DC
Nam Viet in Cleveland Park, DC - also Alexandria & Arlington, VA (Not-too-spicy Vietnamese, with a couple of simple, standard dishes that kids love)
Urban Burger Co., Aspen Hill neighborhood of Rockville, MD (some of the best gourmet-style burgers around, with a separate dining room just for families, featuring a play area and a TV with cartoons)
Coastal Flats, Tyson's Corner, VA
Merkado, Logan Circle, DC (they provide sippy cups)

To listen to the audio of the story, click here.

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