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February 5, 2007

"Mommy & Me Movies" at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

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Thanks to 4NoVaMommies listserv moderator Ali DeCourcey for sharing this announcement:

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse is very much interested in continuing to provide entertainment to families, and has scheduled "Mommy & Me Movies" in the month of March. (Similar to the "Reel Moms" series at other local theaters, where parents of infants can get out and about with their babies during the day - in an environment where you'll be amongst your "own kind" and no one will give you the evil eye if baby starts to cry or needs a diaper change!)

Here are the details:

Every Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.
$5.50/adult (Dads invited, too)
Children free
"2nd run" movies (1-3 month delay on new releases)
Limited food menu

The first Tuesday of March (March 6) is "2 for 1 Day." Two moms = $5.50.

This effort will only be a success at the Drafthouse if local parents spread the word - So please forward the info. to your playgroups, moms' clubs, babysitting co-op, etc.

They also have loads of other family-centric entertainment, including live shows by The Great Zuchinni, Mr. Knick Knack, Rocknocerus, the Improv Musical Children's Theater, and Mr. Tony.

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