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January 17, 2007

Not your mother's parenting mag: New reading for a new year

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As someone who writes and blogs about parenting-related stuff, I have fun keeping tabs on what's "out there" being written and read. And with the start of the new year, there are a couple of newcomer web publications that you just might wanna check out:

1) The edgy, decidedly urban Babble, launched by the same people who once upon a time created the sexed-up Nerve. The Babble schtick: "It will be a revolution in parenting magazines: a publication that talks to parents not just as caregivers, but as fun, smart, intellectually curious people." If you ask me, Babble is a breath of fresh air.

2) On the more conservative side, but supplying a whole range of news and commentary that probably wouldn't be touched on a site like Babble, The Wall Street Journal has launched its own parenting-related blog, The Juggle. Me likee this one, too.

3) Also on the more mainstream-to-conservative side, check out Fortune/Business Week's blog, Working Parents, which features entries from a rotating lineup of writers.

Happy reading!

Posted by Sarah at 10:26 AM.