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January 23, 2007

Helpful resource books for DC parents

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While browsing in the bookstore recently, I came across two new-to-me resource books that could prove very helpful to DC-area parents:

1) The 13th Edition of the Independent School Guide for Washington, DC & Surrounding Areas, which includes over 525 private schools ranging from preschool and daycare to academic programs for grade school through high school, LD/ED programs, athletic and summer programs, information on tuition and financial aid, and a guide to educational specialists/consulants. This edition, edited by Jill Zacharie, was published by Alexandria-based Lift Hill Press in 2004. While I can tell you that it's not 100 percent comprehensive in regard to preschool programs (for example, neither our daughter's NAEYC-accredited preschool nor the fabulous preschool and private kindergarten at our church - both in Old Town, Alexandria - are included in the book), the book is still 300-pages of helpful listings and information. It sells for about $19 at Barnes & Noble.

FYI: Another great resource book of this same type, penned by a local author, is Georgia Irvin's Guide to Schools: Metropolitan Washington Independent & Public. A bit more dated, this was published in 2002 - and it's unfortunately not stocked on the shelves of the two Alexandria bookstores I checked, so it may be out of print. But it gets rave reviews, and you can buy it gently-used on Amazon.com.

2)For those who are nagivating metro with a stroller and small kids for the first time - and especially for families who are new to the city - I LOVE the skinny, portable StationMasters: Guide to Station Neighborhoods Served by the Washington, DC Metrorail System, 7th Edition. There are 86 neighborhood maps for all 86 metro stops in and around DC - with markers for station exits and all the surrounding landmarks (including everything from museums and major office buildings to grocery stores, shops, and public libraries). SO easy to use. Whoever dreamed up this concept for a pocket map guide is a genius! It sells for about $9 at Barnes & Noble.

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