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December 19, 2006

Just for Parents: Holiday Stress Rx

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Nobody talks much about "dark side" of the holidays... but that doesn't make the reality any less real. And as for minimizing the stressful effects the season can have on young children (and their parents), I've really appreciated a couple of recent articles aimed at moms and dads. Hope you find them helpful and inspiring, too:

From Parents magazine, "10 Steps to a Less Stressful Holiday". (My husband and I have already adopted tip #s 2,3, and 6... and I'm working on #s 4, 8, and 10, making a little progress each year!)

Also, a recent article from Mayo Clinic pediatrician-columnist Dr. Jay Hoecker: "Parenting Solutions for Soaring Holiday Expectations"

One of our prescriptions for stress-relief this month: Noah and I plan to go on a much-needed "date night" while my in-laws are visiting. It's a win-win, really. The grandparents get rare alone-time with the kiddo, and we get rare alone-time as a couple. (I'm in need of suggestions for a great, romantic-leaning - but not too formal or overpriced - place to have dinner in Georgetown or Dupont Circle this Saturday night. Hopefully somewhere new-to-us. Anyone been to the tapas bar Cilantro, on M St.? Any other nominees?)

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