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November 29, 2006

Farewell, Wiggle Greg

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We've been saddened to read the headlines about Greg Page, lead singer of the beloved (and wildly, wildly popular) kids' band The Wiggles.

Apparently 34-year-old Greg (a.k.a. "the yellow Wiggle") is seriously ill and is leaving the group. He has already been absent from several shows on their 2006 world tour, with his longtime understudy filling in. (The understudy is expected to now replace Greg permanently.)

The Wiggles last performed in DC in August '06 at the Verizon Center, and their "Dorothy the Dinosaur's Dance Party" was at the Strathmore in Bethesda just last week. The band has become an industry all its own, with the very first "Wiggly Play Center" in the U.S. opening this fall in suburban Dallas, Texas (just down the street from where I grew up!).

To keep up with their news and get special perks, join the Wiggles Fan Club, set to launch in January '07.

Posted by Sarah at 2:32 PM.