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November 8, 2006

Required reading from the Washington Post

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Two new items from the Post:

Leslie Morgan Steiner's column, "Parents, Kids, & Wills," featuring tips from Mclean, VA attorney Molly James (a partner with Hogan & Hartson LLP). Why every parent - with a child of any age - should have a will.

And on a lighter note, a new Jill Hudson Neal interview with Project Runway finalist (and NYC mother of SIX kids ranging in age from newborn to 18) Laura Bennett, on "Ponytails, Motherhood, & Staying Simply Chic."

The take-away gem from Bennett's advice, "I want to keep encouraging women to take the time to take care of themselves and to spend a few extra minutes on themselves in the mornings and see if it doesn't benefit their families by boosting their own self-esteem and nourishing their own souls." So THERE, all ye doubters! Fashion isn't just art for the vain - It can be therapy! (Especially if you're a mother.)

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