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September 20, 2006

Babymoon, anyone?

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A locally-based journalist for CNN Newsource, Sumi Das, is reseaching a story on "babymoons" - a.k.a. the new trend of expectant parents taking a vacation together during the second half of the pregnancy, as a sort of couples' "last hurrah" before the baby arrives.

Sumi is interested in interviewing pregnant women (and the dads-to-be, if they are available) who are planning this type of getaway. She would need about 15 minutes on the phone with you, and then an hour or two of face-time to shoot a short interview.

CNN Newsource is CNN's affiliate service, so the story could air on local TV stations nationwide, in addition to CNN and CNN Headline News.

If you are a babymooner and are willing to be interviewed, contact Sumi at: 202.777.7266 or by email at sumi.das (at) turner (dot) com.

I must say, if you can get a day or two away from work and can foot the bill, this "babymoon" thing sounds heavenly. Long before we'd ever heard of a "babymoon," during a brief window of time in my pregnancy when I was healthy and feeling almost human again - at about six mos. - Noah and I took a three-day weekend to NYC to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Granted, it was early February and bitterly cold in New York, but we luxuriated in a room at the Waldorf and enjoyed seeing friends, eating in great restaurants, and just getting away together. (Marred only slightly by a cruel barfing incident, my inability to stay awake past 8 p.m., and my unfortunate decision to pack kickass black boots that didn't want to zip over my swollen preggo ankles.) Ah, yes. Looking back, it really was our last hurrah as a child-free couple!

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