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August 22, 2006

Update on the DC BABY Book & a Second Edition

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Several blog readers have emailed me recently, gnashing their teeth that they can't find my book in stock anywhere, are wondering how to get their hands on one, want to know when a second edition will be published, etc. So here's the scoop:

All of the books from the first press run have been SOLD OUT since late May 2006. (Thank you for making it such a success in local bookstores!) While there may still be a lone copy remaining on a Barnes & Noble shelf here and there, for the most part the books are gone. Thank you SO much for your overwhelming support.

But there's good news, too! The e-book version of DC BABY: A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City is available for $10 as an easy download to your computer.

While I know some are still averse to this new-to-you medium, going with the e-book version does offer some advantages. You have the option of using the text on-screen, but you can also print out selected pages, sections, or whole chapters - maybe to keep some info. in your car or your diaper bag, or to take a chapter for your metro commute without lugging the whole book around. An e-book is also half the price of the traditional paperback book - 100 percent of the information with none of the bulk. To find out more about the e-book and to purchase a copy, click here.

If you are really hankering for the old-fashioned book-book, your best bet is to contact Michele Spahr of Safe Start Babyproofing - As of last week, she still had a few copies. Visit their website or send email to Michele at: vainfo (at) safestartbabyproofing (dot) com.

As I detailed in our July and August newsletters, there are no plans to do a second printing of the book at this time. There is plenty of demand, and we are grateful for the interest, but the overhead - of both time and capital - that it required of my husband and me has been overwhelming. We both have "real" jobs, not to mention our own DC toddler to care for. . . And our venture as an independent small press has meant that Noah and I alone have handled the design and printing of the book, the sales and distribution, the marketing, the accounting, and, unfortunately, on occasion the unpleasant role of collections agency. We've had a lot of fun, but our family also needed a rest from the publishing business this year.

What I CAN promise you is a revised and updated second edition of DC BABY in e-book format by early 2007. So stay tuned!

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