About the Book

The 2005 print edition of DC BABY is sold out! The revised second edition is now available as an eBook.


You’ll find comprehensive listings, reviews, and recommendations on:

• Fertility treatment & counseling
• Prenatal care (including “alternative”)
• Prenatal massage therapists & acupuncturists
• Pregnancy yoga classes
• Ob/Gyns & midwives
• Doulas
• Shopping for maternity clothes
• Childbirth education
• Baby care classes
• Best pregnancy photographers
• Support groups & listservs for mamas-to-be
• Babyproofing services
• Hospitals & birth centers
• Home births in DC
• Postpartum doulas & baby nurses
• Postpartum fitness & exercise
• Lactation consultants & breastfeeding support
• Pediatricians
• Holistic/Homeopathic Pediatricians
• Pediatric Dentists
• First aid & CPR classes for parents & caregivers
• Shopping for baby and children’s clothes, shoes, gear, toys, & books
• Baby & children’s consignment shops
• Parenting classes
• Parenting listservs & neighborhood groups
• Parent support groups
• Nanny & au pair agencies
• Babysitting co-ops & services

• Day care & preschools
• Playgroups
• Best Playgrounds for Tots
• Indoor playscapes for winter
• Storytimes & children’s bookstores
• Enrichment classes for babies through preschoolers
• Outings
• Child-friendly restaurants
• Public transportation with a baby
• Car seat installation help / inspection
• Resources for children with special needs
• Resources for single parents
• Resources just for daddies
• Resources for parents of “multiples”
• Best baby & children’s photographers
• Best birthday cakes
• Best children’s entertainers
• Best children’s haircuts
• Child & family yoga
• Non-toxic home cleaning services
• Grocery delivery services
• Couples’ & individual therapists
• Personal assistant & home organizing services
• Seasonal family events
• Family Day-Tripping from DC
• “The Changing Table Tour,” giving you the low-down on which public restrooms in DC are equipped for baby – And which aren’t
• & much, much more

Photo by Marlo Collins

Sarah K. Masterson became the mother of her own DC baby in April 2004, with the birth of her daughter Ava. A native Texan successfully transplanted to the Washington area, she has lived in NW DC and Bethesda, attended graduate school at the University of Maryland in College Park, held a fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution, and is now a resident of Old Town Alexandria with her husband Noah. Sarah is a communications consultant whose recent clients include the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition and the National Partnership for Immunization. She has 15 years of experience as a journalist, researcher, educator, and community volunteer, with a special interest in women’s issues and maternal-child health.